Our Team


The Creating Reality Hackathon is organized by a dynamic team of industry experts, developers, executives, and students, reaching many facets of the VR|AR community.

Steve Patterson

Steven Max Patterson,



Steven is a project manager and journalist for IDG, as well as a contributor for Ars Technica and Fast Company. He co-organizes the Google Developer Group in Boston that informs the Boston developer community of new technologies, delivers skill-based learning, and provides a forum for developers to inform one another. 

Bernadette Irizarry

Bernadette Irizarry,



Bern is a creative leader with roots in graphic design and sculpture. She delights in combining the aesthetic with the usable. Dedicated to empowering women to design and code, she can be found on weekend mornings teaching UX and prototyping. She actively speaks on empathy, branding and how to inspire high-performance teams. 

Adam Tuliper

Adam Tuliper,

Workshop lead


Adam is a Principal Software Engineer for Microsoft’s Developer Experience (DX) division. He co-runs the OC Unity and the LA HoloLens meetups. He presents nationwide at user groups, universities, and conferences such as /build & GDC. He writes for MSDN Magazine and pluralsight.com.

Marta Ordeig

Marta Ordeig,

Storytelling LEAD


Marta is the founder of Garage Stories, where content creators explore VR|AR storytelling. She runs FilmPitch, a film incubator that helps filmmakers design and fund Transmedia Strategies, and mentors at Imagine Creativity Center, a program that generates disruptive ideas to solve global challenges.

Dylan Watkins

Dylan Watkins,

Lead Judge


Dylan is the founder of Monster VR, which helps companies connect with their customers by creating compelling, social, branded VR|AR experiences. In 2014, Dylan founded a VR Meetup Group called OCVR and currently hosts VR|AR Hackathons, Demo Nights, and educational classes.

Paula Davidson

Paula Davidson,

operations LEAD


Paula is Head of Business Development and Operations for Living Popups LLC, a tech entertainment company that merges the best talent in entertainment, technology, and education and uses the power of VR|AR to deliver content to targeted markets.

Barry Watkins

Barry Watkins,

Mentor Lead


Barry is a Product Manager at RallyBound, a modern social fundraising platform. A former Visual Effects & Post-Production Supervisor, Barry is active in several VR|AR Meetup groups throughout Los Angeles as well as an advisor to VR startups.

Taylor Mills

Taylor Mills,

Web Design Lead


Taylor is a digital marketer and web designer. As Digital Marketing Manager for the the Los Angeles Chapter of the VR|AR Association, she maintains the Association's website and helps organize monthly events for the VR|AR community in Los Angeles.

Jason Hwang

Jason Hwang,



Jason is the President of VRSC, a student-run XR organization at USC founded in 2015. Jason was previously a VR Innovator at Sony Pictures and is currently interning at the USC ICT MxR division. He is an undergrad senior majoring in CS for Games.

Diana Ford
Winston H. Tran
Susan Oslin

Diana Ford,

Research Conference Lead


Diana is the Global Academia and Industrial Research Lead at Unity Technologies. Prior to Unity, she taught the world's first AR|VR Games Computer Science (CS) courses at UCLA, as well as created and taught the first Game Engineering course in CS at Stanford.

winston h. tran,

Medical & Healthcare Outreach Lead

Winston is a biomedical engineering PhD candidate at USC. He has 17+ years of clinical research experience and active in the startups community. He is passionate about medical VR|AR technologies transforming healthcare. He co-organized several medical makeathons and hackathons. 

susan olin,

Design & Outreach Lead

Susan contributes her background in tech-art, design, animation, and engineering to a wide array of projects and products for giants such as Disney Feature Animation, Warner Brothers, True Car and Technicolor. She has been creating successful digital experiences for over 20 years.

Stephanie Ng
Kevin Wu
Jennifer Jing

stephanie ng,

Branding & social media LEAD


Stephanie is a multidisciplinary tech student at USC's Iovine and Young Academy, with experience in digital art and design, programming, and audio. She is an engaged member of VRSC and is also active within the VR and game design community at USC.

Kevin Wu,

Operations Lead


Kevin is is a senior studying Computer Science at USC. He is the Director of Operations of VRSC, USC's XR organization. He has experience in Networking and System Architecture and is interested in scaling AR|VR experiences.

JEnnifer Jing,

outreacH lead


Jennifer studies art, tech, and business innovation at USC. She’s a branding, graphic, and UI|UX designer for various organizations and startups from VRSC to B2B hardware platform design. She’s passionate about interactive installation (loves exhibitions) and spatial design and hopes to work in these fields.

Sophie Wang
Kat Harris
Josh Lai

Sophie Wang,

Outreach Lead


Sophie is a multimedia designer, photographer, and USC student. She works with VRSC’s communication team as a journalist in the US - China Institute. She is utilizing emerging technologies with theatre and film production by co-organizing 2108 AFMA Film Fest of Young Cinema.

Kat Harris,

Diversity lead


Katherine is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist. She is a public speaker on chat bots, game, and xReality development. She runs a developer blog focused on using Microsoft to develop immersive applications. She has expertise in Los Angeles-based game, virtual, and augmented reality.

Josh Lai,

Community Research Lead


Josh is the Director of Membership for VRSC, USC’s XR organization. While majoring in Economics & Mathematics, he is heavily interested in VR|AR|XR and game development. He is part of the development team under USC’s Advanced Game Project (AGP) program.

Darius Clarke

Darius Clarke,

Applications Lead


Darius is a Unity instructor at Upload VR. He has been exploring VR to unlock its potential of not just being "fantasy vision" but also "X-ray vision" to help our youth see the invisible forces that continually exist around us, unseen, such as economics, psychology, physics, and ethics, that shape and reshape the next generation's lives as well as our current generation's lives.