Mentors are design, development or domain experts who have volunteered to help teams ideate, design and develop their project submissions.

Gavin Bauman

Gavin Bauman,


Gavin works for Microsoft as a Software Engineer in the Boston area. He has given numerous talks on game, mobile, and cloud app development at local events, including Boston Code Camp, and at national events, including PAX East. When enjoys Mortal Kombat and creating cool and quirky mobile apps.

Jad Boniface

Jad Boniface,


Jad is Director, developer relations & partnerships at HTC. Prior to joining HTC, Jad was a senior mobile computing specialist at Ford Motor Co., and a consulting engineer at AvantGo. Jad received his BA in management information systems from Oakland University.

Anthony Borquez

Anthony Borquez,

Anthony is the founder of Grab Games and teaches Tech Entrepreneurship at USC's Marshall School of Business.  He also taught Game Production in USC's Viterbi Engineering School for 15 years. He is on the advisory board for VRSC and has run many game jams.

Kayvan Bouai

Kayvan Boudai,


Kayvan is the CTO of Well Played Studios, a VR|AR Dev shop in LA. He was the Lead programmer of Hover Junkers, one of the top grossing VR games of all time. Hover Junkers was also the first online multiplayer game released for the VIVE.

Terrence Coles

Terrence Coles,


Terrence has expertise in Mobile and Video Advertising. He is currently working at AddApptr and has 20+ years of experience in developing revenue streams, implementing solutions for multi-platform providers, and monetizing mobile and video content.

Joe Connolly



Joe is a co-founder at Sketchbox, a YC backed design tool for AR & VR. Previously he was the director of product at Flexitive, a web-based design tool and before that he spent some time at Microsoft.

Irena Cronin

Irena Cronin,


Irena is President and CEO of Spout Reality, a VR|AR consulting company. Cronin serves as Head of Research and Innovation for Transformation Group and worked several years as an equity research analyst with both public and private companies. 

Leonard Daly

Leonard Daly,

Leonard is a 3D-systems architect, speaker, co-author of “X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors” and President of Daly Realism, a consulting firm specializing in web applications and graphical information systems integration.

Bryce Davis

Bryce Davis,

Bryce is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Gateway VR Showroom and XR development studio Castle Steps.  For the past 2 years, Bryce has developed with Unity and Maya emphasizing on the visual side of virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Adrian Driscoll

Adrian Driscoll,

Adrian is a VR consultant and filmmaker, working with large studios and companies to produce VR titles and experiences. He works with the EAST school program on multiple VR projects geared toward education and medical research. His goal is to focus on the deeper side of VR and MR and destroy the stigma of “VR being just for gamers.”

Ian Donahue

Ian Donahue, 


Ian is co-founder of Freeform Labs, an AR|VR content studio focused on digital 3D space. Ian consults and leads AR|VR product strategy and has designed and deployed custom 360 video pipelines, including first-ever 360 features for Fortune 500's. Ian's previous experience is in content strategy and product work on ecommerce, OTT, publishing, and new forms of video infrastructure. 

Philip Donahue

Philip Donahue,


Philip is an Instructor skilled game development design, production & art. He has a history of successful video game production and is an active volunteer & non-profit contributor to the game development community and relations. He received a Master of Arts Degree in I/O Psychology (AU) and MFA in Game Design at Laguna College of Art & Design. 

John Gwinner

John Gwinner,

John is a Top Quora writer for 2018, covering the fields of Virtual and Augmented reality. John wrote a book on React-VR and constructed a VR interface for CompuServe, including a VR chat room that mixed 3D and text based avatars.

Kat Harris

Kat Harris,


Katherine is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist. She is a public speaker on chat bots, game, and xReality development. She runs a developer blog focused on using Microsoft to develop immersive applications. She has expertise in Los Angeles-based game, virtual, and augmented reality.

Arkadiusz Kwaśny

Arkadiusz Kwaśny,


Arkadiusz created his first VR training simulation in 2014. It was made for MSF - Doctors Without Borders NGO. In 2015, he established 4Experience, a VR|AR company which has since created over 50 VR|AR projects.

Chris Heinrich

Chris Heinrich,


Chris is co-founder/CEO of Triple, the Shopify for AR commerce. Chris also participated in the VRHackathon in SF in Dec 2016 and won best AR project.

Amanda Lange

Amanda Lange,


Amanda is a software engineer in the Canada-America Academic division at Microsoft. She has worked on projects with Michigan State University, West Virginia University, and Schell Games studios in Pittsburgh. She is a gamer and well rounded developer who is also interested in health, app development, design, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality, AI and conversational frameworks, and the Internet of Things.

Hannah Luxenberg

Hannah Luxenberg,


Hannah is Founder and CEO of DreamShip Studios, dedicated to creating immersive therapies focusing on pediatrics, end of life, and pain management with VR|AR. With a passion for storytelling, Hannah runs a fully operating film studio where she produces and directs award-winning motion pictures and 360 VR films.

Vangelis Lympourridis


Vangelis is an adjunct professor at USC and founder of Enosis VR, a highly specialized company in immersive technologies. His work in VR|AR has been displayed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Tribeca and Sundance film festivals, and with the rock band Queen. 

Rob McCarty

Rob McCarty, 


Rob is Chief Gatekeeper for Gateway VR. He is an emerging media and marketing expert published in Adweek, Digiday, MediaPost, the Drum, and Imedia connection. His passion for 360° VR content creation continues with the Fortress, his VR music video production and media house responsible for VR storytelling of the lives of A$AP Mob affiliated producers and EDM artists alike.

Jerry Nixon

Jerry Nixon,


Jerry is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft in Colorado. He teaches and speaks on Mobility and Enterprise development. He received a civilian Naval Commendation for security work, preceding his work for the startup that became Microsoft Dynamics. For two decades now, Jerry has built solutions and taught design patterns and UX best practices to thousands of developers around the world. 

Shannon Norrel

Shannon Norrell,


Shannon is organizer of the Silicon Valley WebGL/WebVR Meetup (largest in the world), Chair of the W3C Declarative WebVR Community, an OpenXR Working Group Member and Advisory Board Member for the IEEE VR/AR Working Group. He has worked as Principal Engineer at HP, Microsoft and Apple. He also worked in the CTO Office of HP, most recently as their VR Evangelist.

Kristin Ottofy

Kristin Ottofy,


Kristin is a developer, maker, and mentor with a passion to inspire students, startups, and other developers to build innovative applications. She specializes in internet of things, web applications and different technologies from chatbots to HoloLens. She loves to build open source projects and encourage everyone to create with, think about, and enjoy code.

Melissa Painter

Melissa Painter,

Melissa is Founder, Creative Director, and Innovation Strategist of MAP Design Lab, a California-based multi-platform design studio with a focus on emergent technologies, and making for mixed reality. Prior to MAP, she was Innovation Strategist at REBUS Learning. She was also executive producer at 5D Global Studio, where she directed short-form documentaries.

Evie Powell

Evie Powell,

Evie is CEO and Creative Director of Verge of Brilliance. She is a games researcher and designer specializing in experimental gameplay and prototype design. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2012 and works on XR game experiences, NUI based game interactions, and other experimental game design.


Laura Savu

Laura Savu,


Laura is a Premier Field Engineer in Microsoft. She is the Mixed Reality Champ in Windows App Consult team. She’s based in Romania and works with game developers community, organizing and presenting VR/MR/AR Meetups and talks for different Universities. She participates at BUILD, GDC, Unite US and Europe events, collaborating with HoloLens developers community.

Kaden Strand

Kaden Strand,

@Kaden Strand

Kaden is the CEO and founder of Blue Penguin VR, a custom solutions company blending software engineering, creative design, and practical problem solving. Kaden led the cross-disciplinary VR Initiative at Colorado State University and has developed mixed reality experiences across Vive, Daydream, HoloLens, and Leap Motion.

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Adrana Vecchioli,


Adriana is an artist, UX designer and self-taught software engineer, focused in VR|AR.

Joshua Walton



Joshua co-founded, a creative technology consultancy based in Los Angeles. He was previously Principal UX Designer and then Design Architect for Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality. He co-founded the LAB at the Rockwell Group, an interactive architecture group in New York City. 

Adam Tuliper

Adam Tuliper,


Adam is Principal Software Engineer for Microsoft, helping others realize their technical vision across Windows Mixed Reality, gaming, cloud, and web platforms. He worked as a software architect in defense, finance, pharma, manufacturing, technology, and public sector fields over a span of 20+ years. He co-runs the OC Unity and the LA HoloLens meetups. 

Mark Yampolsky

Mark Yampolsky,


Mark is a Computer Science (games) student at USC with experience in UX, Unity with Vive/Oculus/Windows MR, and Unreal Engine. He specializes in locomotion and addressing motion sickness problems through software. He is working on networked multiplayer VR projects for the Vive and will be working as a Technical Designer at DICE LA this summer.

Rich Zwaap

Rich Zwaap,

Rich is a Senior Software Developer at Esri, the global leader in mapping and GIS software. An enthusiastic .NET dev for almost 15 years, Rich helps build ArcGIS Runtime, Esri’s mapping and spatial analysis API for native app developers. Rich helps bring ArcGIS Runtime's capabilities to .NET developers targeting iOS and Android.