Frequently Asked Questions

1. What devices will be at the Hackathon?

10 GearVR’s with Galaxy S8s
10 Vives
10 Hololens devices
10+ Microsoft MR immersive headsets
10 MiraLab AR headsets

Other attendees are bringing a variety of devices that they will share with their teammates. 

2. Can I still participate if I have no experience with VR|AR but am interested in learning?

Yes. Domain expertise—such as storytelling, healthcare, etc.—often plays an important role in the success of a team. We suggest you apply and, if accepted, join us.  

3. Can I still apply to participate?

No. Applications are now closed. We wish you the best and hope to see you next year.

4. What is the level of experience or minimum education level required to apply?

While most of the participants will be college age or older, we also have space for one or two dozen high school students. There is not a set minimum education level. The Hackathon will be made up of interdisciplinary teams of developers, designers and other participants with various skillsets.

5. Can we apply to multiple Hackathon roles?

Yes; please indicate all your skills and roles. Please indicate your primary skill in the role section of the application and explain your other skills in the essay section. Once accepted, you can contribute your skills as a member of an interdisciplinary team. 

6. I may have put in the wrong email. Should I resubmit?

Yes, email is the only way we can reach you. 

7. Do you send automated reply after registration?

No, though we should. Perhaps next year. 

8. What is the prize?

The Hackathon will award a $5,000 prize to the team with the top AR application and $5000 for the team with the top VR application. Sponsors will also award their prizes. And VR Sci will pay travel expenses for a representative from each of two teams of its choice to its May conference at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

9. Can we create features on existing projects?

No. All code must be created at the Hackathon.

10. I need a few team members. Do you have any recommendations?

Many people coming to the Hackathon are in the same situation. On Monday evening, March 12, we will hold team formation where you can either find additional team members or join a like-minded team. 

11. Can I attend if I’m not from LA?

Yes! You are welcome to join us and we look forward to you bringing new ideas from to LA. Remote participation is not allowed.

12. What accommodations are available?

Here is the USC's recommendations for local hotels:

And the same from Trip Advisor:

The Tutor Center will be open 24/7.

A number of local participants have offered to share their accommodations. We will connect people looking for accommodations via the Hackathon slack channel.

13. Does it cost any money to participate in the Hackathon?

No. It is free to participants.

14. Will Day 4 team presentations be live-streamed or recorded?

We will have 360 cameras and some of the Hackathon will be live streamed.

15. What types of hardware are accepted within the category, “VR|AR Hardware Hacks”?

We have seen haptics, notebook cameras hacked into eye-trackers, pupil dilation sensors and olfactory hacks. Surprise us. 

16. Will there be travel reimbursements?

If you have received a travel scholarship award and you registered on site at the Hackathon, you will receive an email from the Grassroots Developer Education, Inc. within two weeks of the Hackathon. The email will request that you login to the bank's website to add your ACH or SWIFT information. The money will be direct deposited into your bank account.

17. What if I am unable to attend the event by the time I receive my acceptance?

We are sorry to hear that you won’t be able to attend the Hackathon. If you are unable to attend the Hackathon, please email us at immediately so that we can allow another potential participant to attend the Hackathon. We wish you the best and hope to see you next year.

18. Which rooms can participants use during the Hackathon?

There are many rooms throughout the Tutor Center that can be used for development. Please feel free to stretch out into the following open rooms.

Rm 221
Rm 326
Rm 450

Certain rooms will be restricted to Vive teams only during the Hackathon. Only hackers assigned to these rooms with key card access are permitted in the following Vive rooms:

Rm: 433, 434
Rm 350
Rm 232

19. What is the policy for borrowed equipment?

You are responsible for your borrowed equipment. Borrowed equipment may not be taken from the building. If no one from your team will be awake and alert to attend to the equipment, you must find an organizer and check the equipment back into Tommy's Place.

20. Where is parking & registration located for the Hackathon?

The Hackathon is at the Ronald Tutor Center and the USC Ballroom.

USC Ronald Tutor Center

3607 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, CA 90089

Registration will be at the Admission Center (signage from there will get you where you need to be).

Parking is $12/day. There are 2 day passes available as well. Use Gate 6 to park on the Downey Way parking structure. From there exit the parking structure and turn right, heading into the campus. Tell them you are there for the Hackathon.

NOTE ABOUT OVERNIGHT PARKING: YOU WILL BE TICKETED AT 6am the following morning. So if you think you may leave your car overnight, buy a 2 day ticket or move your car by 6am.  We were STRONGLY warned about this by USC parking.